Hi Beautiful, I'm Emily

Thank you for being here.

Growing up I felt unimportant, unsatisfied & unacceptable to others.

I tried everything to feel better: diets, exercise plans, making people happy, caffeine, getting-things-done, moving states & countries but I couldn't ditch those uncomfortable feelings.

I realised I was following other people's truth about how to eat, look, feel and act and I didn't know how to follow myself.

I went on a long journey looking for mentors and methods that helped me to discover my truth. What I learned blew my mind and finally allowed me to retire from food & body obsession, anxiety and putting others before myself all the time.

My soul path is to share these gifts and so I do the work I do. I'm ever blown away by the powerful women I get to work with and the transformations they experience.

True beauty.


I teach people how to feel so they can come alive in ways they couldn't even comprehend they wanted.


I remember being so confused as to why I could cry so easily, laugh uncontrollably, get super excited and burn out just as quickly. I always felt like I was "too much".

I didn't realise I was very sensitive to energy. Of course, I had no education around what that evens means so I adapted and shut down parts of me in an attempt to avoid constant states of panic.

What I didn't know then is that my sensitivity is a super-power. All of ours is, in its many expressions.

When I shut off certain parts of myself, I also numbed the good stuff too. I spent so long searching for what could make me feel better when actually, it was my insides: my true nature.

The world is not built for us to experience our sensitivity safely. So we must learn and practice how to feel, how to love and how to create beauty from our unique-ness.

I’m constantly surprised and often overjoyed when I discover more things I like and that make me feel good. It feels like an easter egg hunt where the gifts are sweet, bring you so much pleasure and energise your body.

You are sweet, sensual chocolate.

Your sensitivity is the medicine you are seeking.

For yourself and the world around you.


I used to have a lot of social anxiety.

Now I feel like I’m a gift to people,

I’m worthy.

I’ve taken the pressure off myself to exercise to be happy and eat to be happy. It feels amazing. I never thought I’d be confident in my body, Ever. I feel free. - Bec Montalti

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