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A Good Place To Start


Personal Energy Coaching

Your unique energy is a gift. Together we explore your individuality and how to harness it to become more of who you truly are.


Programs to guide you from exhaustion to enthusiasm so you have more energy for what you love doing (and less guilt, shame + confusion).


Space to share, be heard & listen with your heart. Energetically hold hands with other incredible Women and let the warmth infect your being.


The Body As Truth Project

This high-touch project is for women who feel like they’ve been at war with their body. This can present as anxiety, obsession with eating, burn out and/or putting yourself last in relationships. Let yourself be held with immeasurable support, new friendships, step-by-step tutorials and tools to harness the wisdom in your body.

Meet Emily Petridis

Emily guides women back to living how they want to: living their truth. She's worked with hundreds of women creating safe spaces to connect deeply to themselves.

"No more dimming your light to fit in. It's time to call your energy back."

Her work is for women who feel like they've been told how life should be. Women who are ready to shake that off and find the path that makes them feel good. You can expect a light-hearted approach to what can feel like heavy work.

Most of all, she believes this life is about having fun.

Emily is someone who I turn to, without hesitation, for any questions or advice on virtually anything.

I’ve never met someone more like sunshine and positive energy personified than Emily, and this comes through so beautifully in her teachings and all that she offers, which is so, so much. I can’t recommend her enough - Anna Rose


Resources & Free Downloads


Redefining Woman Mini-Series

Redefining Woman is the first step to breaking the life long distraction of changing who you are to belong. We cover themes such as perfectionism, self sacrifice and the female body.


Your Food Relationship Journal

How we eat can give us great insights into who we are. This journal contains 66+ questions to understand your relationship with food so you can start to take care of yourself better.


The Emotional Guide

This guide will help you to increase the connection between your body and your brain. Start to identify your true emotions to understand your triggers.

Welcoming All Parts Of You

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The Vision Planner

More than goal setting, dive deeper into what you truly want with this planner. When you focus your energy in this way you will start to feel more clear on how to actually get what you want.


The Feeling Music

These exclusive playlists demonstrate how to use sound and movement to release stuck emotions (without having to sit and talk about them all the time.)

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